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Do you want more customers? More profit? More time off from your lawn business? Less administration hassles? Powerful web-based technology to automate your lawn business? Do you want to make more in the next 12 months than the last 12 years?

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Lawn Business Live Event Host Daniel Pepper

4 minute audio message from Daniel.


Dear Fellow Lawn Business Owner,

My name is Daniel Pepper. I am an ordinary guy who runs a lawn business that I started from scratch from my parent's garage and have carried out lawn care services surpassing the $1.5 million mark (41,076 lawn care services and counting). I graduated highschool and dropped out of college after one year because my lawn business was already generating six figures a season.

I got my lawn business results by developing and using a combination of powerful business systems that I use to operate my business with. My systems are specific business methods of doing tasks like marketing, collections, hiring and retaining my customers. I also use some low-cost, user-friendly web based computer elements to automate my business and make it less labor intensive.

In September 2006 instead of franchising my lawn business I started teaching my systems to other lawn business owners through a free newsletter, a blog, social network sites, a comprehensive home study course, a private lawn business coaching group, and a 2 day seminar format with lawn equipment giveaways and other prizes during the event.

So far over 100,000 people have visited my website and 3,341 lawn business owners across the country and around the world are actively using my systems and ideas to get more customers, retain their customers longer, run their business with less of their input, painlessly convert their businesses to automatic payment collection, attract and hire good quality employees and make their business run like a great business they can be proud of.


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If you’re a little skeptical, or you think this sounds “too good to be true” you are not alone.

For the last several years as news began to spread that I had stepped into the public spotlight suggesting I could help others succeed, a few lawn business owners initially thought what I am talking about is “too good to be true”. Some of the spectacular business improvements may seem unreal and the giveaway contests at my seminars may seem like a bit of a “gimmick” but if you read through the report and listen to the audio you will see that I am pretty down to earth and not all about “hype”. A lot of the 3,341 lawn business owners that have put my ideas and strategies into play within their business were skeptical at first too. You have nothing to lose by checking out the free information and you may be pretty surprised by what you hear me talk about.


Why am I offering you my lawn business information for free?

Because if you like what you hear in my free information I know you will want to join us this spring to see the 157 ideas, strategies and systems that have transformed my lawn business into an extraordinary business.

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